About us

I’ve always loved collecting things. When I was little I had lots of collections. As the collections grew they began to overlap and define my interests. I realized I loved things from the home and women’s work, fabric, notions and vintage anything. Foraging, making, studying, traveling and meeting other makers helped my ideas grow as my collections grew.

Eventually I realized my fabric * stash * was out of control. I had more fabric than a lot of the stores I was shopping in. I had been collecting fabrics – vintage and new for over 50 years. All of it was limited yardage. What to do?

I wanted to create something very basic that could accommodate the varied and wild array of prints I had. I started making dolls, then stuffed animals and then baby clothes. I wanted them to be friendly, unique, comfortable and comforting. I also wanted them to be more than a hobby.

I wanted them to be part of a collection. A curated collection of things that would surprise and delight – the handmade dolls, soft animals, bright and comfortable handmade clothes and really special children’s books, one of a kind vintage items, old classics and new classics that I found in my travels. In short, A Wonderful Gift Shop for Wonderful Children. 

Thus was born Teddy and Doll Take Tea. A lovingly curated collection of items all devoted to quality, joy and collectability.

I hope you’ll visit my Gift Shop. Please let me know what you think.